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Professional Binding

Whether you're producing a proposal, presentation materials, training manuals or reports, binding adds a professional polish that stapled corners and binder clips just can't match. Zee Zee Copy has several options to bind your documents. Remember to add an extra 1/2" margin on your document to make room for the binding.

Choose from various Binding Styles below.
Tape Binding -
This style of binding, used in the majority of the course readers printed at Zee Zee Copy, will give the bound documents the appearance and feel of a paperback book.
  Coil Binding -
This type of binding is the best option for situations where the printed work has to be opened all the way.
  Velo Binding -
This style keeps the pages together with two plastic strips. Velo binding is often chosen for its professional appearance for things like legal documents and design portfolios.

Perfect Binding and Spiral Binding are also both available. We have a minimum order quantity of 100 books for perfect binding. Pricing is available by quote.